Trustee at Manchester Pride

It is with great pleasure and honour that I can announce Manchester Pride has appointed me as a Director of Manchester Pride Events Ltd with the intent to formally transition to trustee of the charity when a placement becomes available in the near future (aka trustee in-waiting).

With the appointment of the position, several items are close to my heart that I would like to work on with the board of trustees during my term:

  • Reintroduce pride to those who have disassociated with the event and charity in the past, in particular those who would classify themselves as “alternative”

  • Explore year round donations and events to increase revenue

  • Help ensure Manchester Pride is an approachable charity that listens to community feedback

  • Help ensure the charity continues to be transparent though clear and honest communications

  • Explore educating people about the charity and the causes it supports, as many people still do not realise that Manchester Pride is a charity

  • Ultimately help ensure the maximum amount of money raised goes to the community fund and help secure the future of Manchester Pride

It’s no secret that Manchester Pride has been at the heart of some lively discussions and debates over the last couple of years, most notably with community groups campaigning against Manchester Pride on several grounds ranging from the amount of money raised for charity to the calling for the entire board of trustees to resign.

It is important to recognise and accept that as with all organisations and charities, things can be improved and despite what some may think, Manchester Pride is not reluctant to change and is very much trying actively trying to involve and welcome feedback from the community and businesses within the village. This can be seen through the be involved campaign launched last year which involved the creation of a community collective and several listening groups.

As some may know I have been involved with Manchester Pride for several years now, initially as a volunteer working on whole range of activities from VIP accreditation, parade stewarding, event control, traffic management, to assisting with marketing & communications and providing IT support.

In 2013 I was asked by Manchester Pride to become part the volunteer coordinators team. I was primarily responsible for planning and organising 100+ volunteers rotas, overseeing the merchandise and overseeing volunteers assigned to box offices and wrist band exchanges, in addition to being one of the main contacts over the festival for volunteers.

I am delighted and honoured to be working with such a diverse and experienced board of trustees and a team of dedicated and hardworking staff and hope to help contribute to the success of Manchester Pride over the coming years.

If you see me around the village, please feel free to come up and talk to me (or email / tweet me) about any issues, questions or feedback you have, after all it’s our village and feedback about Manchester Pride is curtail to it’s success going forward.